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A Candylicious Baby Update!!! Happy 3 Month Birthday To My Favorite Lil’ Jelly Belly, Bella Be

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to post this oh so ,so,so cute pic of Baby Bella Boo ( The Heiress to the Candy Empire & I) My clients always ask me, “Jackie how is Bella doing?” And my usual response is “OHHHH EMMMM GEEEEEEEE, she is so juicy, gorgeous, sexy & delicious, thank you for asking!” Today, we are celebrating her 3 month birthday and in my world that means, taking her for baby mani’s & pedi’s, a trip to babies R us to pick out anything she wants and then off to get her some ice cream in her favorite flavor…Baby formula with a hint of mint!!! Yum! This work-aholic can only chill out for 1 reason these days and you’re looking at her!

And such is the life of this little bitty delicious baby candy girl!

I Love you my twinsie pants!


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