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A Heart Warming Thank you letter from Senior Carey Huss of Edison High School Huntington Beach- CIBA

Hi Guys,

Every now and then I receive a very special thank you letter that I feel I MUST share with our blog readers and this one was definitely one of them. Our wonderful friend Ms. Vanessa Rockafellow- catering manager and overall, an amazing & lovely woman at the Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort Huntington Beach called us in to assist her client Carey Huss with her fun candy display themed “Red Carpet Candy” for a banquet she was coordinating herself! Carey is a Senior at Edison High School and president of the CIBACS program ( Center for international business and communication studies) CIBACS is a unique program that offers its students an enriched and integrated curriculum that is enhanced through competitive projects, job shadowing, and internships with business partners. Anyhow, Carey sent me the most heart-warming email that really touched me and reminded me to never stop inspiring others, especially young girls to be bold and brave and follow their dreams. I say it all the time, ” If you are willing to do the work , you can see the big picture and can keep on picking yourself up when you fall… anything is possible” Even becoming the Queen of Candy! 😉


Jackie ” Candy Girl”

Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 17:10:33 -0700

Subject: Thank You



Hi Jackie, I want to say thank you for setting up the amazing candy bar!!! It was a huge success and everyone loved it even the parents. But the night would not have been as good if your amazing sweets were not there so thank you so much for willing to do my banquet last night and putting up with my crazy mom on wanting to eat all the candy before you put it out. Your story on how you became successful was so inspiring and allowed me to see that if i have the determination i can reach my dream. It was great to hear and put a fire in my dream to start off. I am so excited for you on Friday its not a big deal its huge… its OPRAH like bigger than the president 🙂 but it will be so much fun and i will have my fingers cross that Bella does not want to be born that day. Thanks for offering me a job in the future and the advice that you gave me, i might take you up on that job offer or at least come intern with you and we can work from there.

You helped me so much with my banquet and thanks for all that you did.

-Carey Huss

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