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A not nice moment! High Self Esteem Alert! Pay Attention Girls & Never Allow Any Person, Place

So guess what party people? We received a kinda rude anonymous email and rather then making us sad & blue we laughed & danced and made up a cheer about being so totally Awesome, Cool & Fun!!! Goooooo Team!I gotta say, the email was kinda fabulously ridiculous and came from the email address ( hmmm so mysterious yet so clever!) so if any of you know this person, place or thing ( Yeah it’s probably a thing, a green, hairy, moldy, smelly thing) please tell them that we feel their pain, we understand that it stresses them to see a bunch of super cute, super fun, super hardworking, super sweet, super silly, super savvy and super candylicious girls having so much F to the U to the N!!! Unfortunately, this person place or thing was probably neglected as a child or perhaps the school yard bully and that makes us really sad for them so guess what I’… TODAY IS YOU’RE LUCKY DAY! We’re going to begin by praying for you, then we are going to pay a gazillion dollars to a sky writing company to send out a plane and spell out a personal message to you in the sky in pink clouds of course.. it will say, Hey! IMNOTTELLINGYOU@YAHOO.COM turn that frown upside down you negative noodle bug, the candy girls love everyone including YOU! You see,, we took this really great class in College called Hateronomics 101 and they taught us to let any Hateration be our motivation in life and clearly, it’s working! Like mom always said, “Only begin to worry when they STOP talking about you!” Wait! I think our publicist said that too.. Oh wellsy! So guess what we leave you with a cart wheel, super high kick into the splits, spirit fingers and big smiles and since you need it our friend.. We send you a big fat awkward hug and a lollipop too!

XoXo- The totally awesomefabuliciouscandylicioussuperfun… Candy Girls

PS- Enjoy The Aretha Video Below… From the moment we wake up, before we put on our make-up.. we say a little prayer for you…

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