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A Post for my Cyber Girlfriend Corrie Greathouse! The Most Beautifully Disgruntled Woman I Know.

I have a friend named Corrie Greathouse who is Blonde and Poetic and uses lots of big words like astronomical and even bigger ones then that! Corrie and I are having a total Cyber romance but you swear we’ve been friends since 5th grade. She’s wicked jealous of my babies massive head of silky, thick, luscious hair and the kids only 10 months! The hair thing seems to be our running joke that is the kind of joke where only the 2 of us actually think it’s sooo funny! We’ve probably spent less then 1 hour together in person yet, I really love this chick and our email banter full of inappropriate words and jokes. Corrie Greathouse is deep and a little dark on occasion and a beautifully disgruntled woman who has this sexy phone voice that keeps you lusting for her to tell you more prices over the phone. A silly post nonetheless, a post for my tattooed blondie friend who’s my girl crush & cyber wife. Why is this post relevant, because it just is. Deal.

XoXo- Candy Girl

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