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A WOMAN Like No Other- Oprah’s Final Farewell… A Sad Week In Candy Land

Lot’s of us have mentors, idols, people we admire & look up to, individuals who we want to be more like and emulate right? When I was 7 years old I said! ” I wanna be a talk show host!” My theme song was called “Just Jackie” and I remember every step to the awkward dance routine and every word of the theme song I wrote all by myself. Granted, the theme song only consisted of 10 words that I kept repeating over and over again. Maybe one day there will be a need for an in-depth, fun & quirky talk show in Candy Land. Anyhow, Oprah has represented something to my life that I can’t even put into words but it’s so deep and meaningful to me that her departure from 25 years of her talk show has impacted me so much so that every time I see her face on TV or hear her speak about her departure, I cry. No surprise, there has been so much crying lately it’s starting to get a little ridiculous. Maybe time to make another appt with Dr. Issues.

Getting to work for this brilliant woman on a couple of her events and having had the opportunity to be with her face to face for a couple minutes and even having her put her hands on my pregnant belly nearly a year ago today and acknowledging my existence and even telling me my candy was pretty was the ONLY star struck moment I’ve ever really had. I honestly never thought I’d even have the opportunity to be in the same space as this woman who means so much to me let alone, be at her party eating her cocktail wieners too! You never know where your life will lead you and while most believe that their wildest dreams can’t or won’t ever come true, I was raised to believe- There are NO Impossibilities! Skies the limit for us all baby and Mama Oprah, Congratulations on the monumental success of your show, you are truly a ONE and ONLY kind of woman and a Gem of a human being!


Candy Girl

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