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Admitting it is the 1st Step so here we go… I Freaking LOVE you Michael Bolton! Love Is A Wond

He may have unexplainable luscious locks of man hair, play the air piano & look like the cover a steamy romance novel but one things for sure… Michael Bolton can SSS-ING it Baby! This song was often my therapy during the emotionally chaotic & often totally depressed for no reason at all days of my teenage years. ( Ok- why lie, during my twenties too!) Love sure is a wonderful thing and thank GOD I’ve got a lot of it because in my opinion, without it, you’d be running on empty. And it doesn’t matter if you have palettes of lollipops, gum drops and unicorns at your disposal. Like Michael says, ” Love is a wonderful thing, makes you smile through the pouring rain!” Let’s see how long this happy-filled blissful morning lasts- I’m sure I’ll be annoyed with something or someone in no time but for now.. I’ll just keep singing.

XoXo- Candy Girl

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