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And Now, A Message from The Heiress To The Candy Empire..OOPS! She Did It Again! Mother wanted me to

Yo Party People, As you may very well know if you read my mom’s silly little blog, Candy Girl is kind of obsessed with me and all my amazing hair ( NO, It’s not a wig or baby extensions!) so I don’t find it shocking that while on our mini family vaca this weekend to San Diego, she thought it was a great opportunity to teach me about my very colorful Latino Roots. I mean, REALLY! The mini rainbow baby Sombrero is a bit much and the Mexican flag too!!! R U Kidding me lady! I get it- I’m supposed to be the next J-Lo or Selena Gomez but… I’m a baby!!! I can’t wait until the day I will be able to form complete words and sentences! Revenge will be mine!!! ( * Insert evil baby laugh here) PS- Don’t let this face of my sheer boredom fool you, this was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE and all the other babies just rolled their eyes in utter jealousy of my dope one-of-a-kind Sombrero!!! Patron Shots On ME! Can I Getta’ ‘OLE up in here!

Candy World Domination or BUST Baby!!!

XoXo- The Heiress To The Candy Empire

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