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Baby’s 1st Birthday! A Summer Candy Buffet July 11, 2009

Hi everyone!

So my latest Candy Buffet was just created today for a fantastic new client of mine. I met Misty who was referred by her best friend Aimee. If you read through my blog you can connect the dots. I recently created a beautiful Candy Buffet for Aimee’s parents Anniversary & Birthday Surprise Party and Misty attended. She saw the Candy Buffet and really thought it would be a cute idea for her Baby Shane’s 1st Birthday party. So here I am now telling you all about Shane’s Custom Candy Birthday Buffet! I should be relaxing after such a long day but I want to get this post up and share my latest creation with you.

Misty’s party was held in her beautiful home in San Clemente, Ca, the theme revolved around the number 1 after all, Baby Shane was turning 1 yrs old and this is a huge birthday as all mommies know! The colors were Lime Green ( very hot this year), blue, brown & polka dots. The cake was a giant number 1 that matched the invitations. Misty and I discussed her Candy Vision and we decided on matching colors and Polka Dots. She chose Blue Take-out boxes with custom stickers made. Her guests seemed to really enjoy themselves and instead of making a ton of goodie bags herself, Misty let her guests pick their favorite treats and create their own goodie boxes to-go! If you think about it, Your Candy Buffet doubles as dessert & goodies or favors for your guests. It saves you a ton of time & energy and is very cost effective. I’m so lucky to have such fantastic clients, they always make me feel so special with their compliments and praise. I think we all need a little validation sometimes, I know when-ever I’m working, designing or creating, it makes me feel great when someone stops to tell me how much they Love the candy buffet or are in awe of our latest creation.Once the party was over, I headed back over to Misty’s home to pack up, clean up, make sure everyone was happy. (Of course, everyone was happy, it’s a party! The little kiddies were all on sugar over-load too…) I am happy to share another successful event and Custom Candy Buffet Bar with all of you. I know it’s just candy I’m talking about here but it’s so nice to get to be a part of so many people’s lives and special events. I take so much pride in what I do and feel blessed at how well things are going for this little company of ours. Happy SummerEveryone



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