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Cadillac’s VIP Event @ The Grove- Now That’s Some Super Sweet Red Blooded Luxury! VROOOO

Cadillac’s 2011 Campaign- Red Blooded Luxury was a massive hit at the Taste of the Grove’s VIP event in Los Angeles. We were asked to create a bold candy station for Cadillac’s finest VIP’s which included an array of candy and extra large cake balls, a staff of 6, a baby & a partridge in a pear tree! We had a fantastic time with our friends at The Grove & Cadillac and are so happy to have been able to sweeten up all those fabulous VIP’s! Watch their 2011 Campaign Video Below.. It’s Muy Sexy.

XoXo- Candy Girls

PS- And if any of you super-mega- adorable, good looking, generous head honcho’s at Cadillac ever want to let us borrow our dream ride which is a big giant Hot Pink & Sparkly Escalade with super big spinning Lollipop rims and a horn that plays the Suga’ Suga’ song when you honk it, we’d say Heck YES Baby & Thank you! (a girl can dream can’t she, and I’ve been a major day dreamer since I was 5!)

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