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Candy Girl Adventures Sum, Sum, Summertime! Everywhere We Goooo, People Wanna Knowww, Who WE Are, So

Summertime is the funnest time to be a Candy Girl!!! Is “funnest” a word?? I’ll have to ask the Google Gods later. It should be a word, it totally works and I have been using it for years! I just decided, It’s a word. Our clients Love to know what’s new in our crazy candy world and we Lalalalove to let them know. Everyone knows that we are the girls who put the CAN in CANDY! We Never Say NO to our clients and the reality is we can make any Candy Vision, Candy Concept and Candy Dreams come true… We are often imitated but the truth is NEVER duplicated. We think it’s the coolest when we show up at events from Las Vegas to Hollywood to NYC and back and we hear the crowd say ” Hey! The Candy Girls Are Here!” I mean c’mon our jobs are kind of ridiculously awesome and like I always say… NO ONE IS EVER MEAN TO A CANDY GIRL! And if they are… NO candy for you and we mean it! 😉

We have been working around the clock for what seems like months and months and months. Just when we think we are going to rest, we book 10 more amazing events and it’s No rest for anyone! I know I am kind of a slave driver as a boss but the reality is, I LOVE my Candy Girls- we are a family, ( perhaps a colorful and drama filled one at times but nevertheless, we are family and I am the oldest so I get to be the mom and boss everyone around, all the time) Ugh! Does life get any better then this? We’ve got a booming business, a new baby to train and dress up in hot pink & leopard & princess outfits, amazingly fabulous clients who we adore and so appreciate and we are the USA ambassadors of Candyliciousness! What does that mean you ask? Duhh.. Well we sprinkle our candy love all across the universe with our Candy Creations, Candy Events, Candy Catering, Candy Stations, Candy Costumes & Candy Everything!

XoXo, Jackie ” Candy Girl”

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