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Candy Girl Adventures… We make life cute & sweet & fun! But most importantly we&#821

So here we are and we are too cute for words right! And if your response to that question was NO, then you’re obviously just wayyyyyy J-LOUS to the 10th power or just a meanie and total weanie and my response to you is … Sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us, We’re sugar & spice and everything nice while you’re snakes & snails and puppy dog tails! So there!

People always ask me about my fantabulously fun loving & delicious Candy Girls. They wonder how we met and how we all came to be and they want to get to know each of them so what better way to show you then a super cute cartoon version of who we are.

ROLL CALL : Sexy Nessa, Just so much fun Joey, Cutie Pie Calyse, Queen Of Candy Jackie, Our Blondie Ashley, Smarty Pants Jess- GO UCLA! And Boss Lady Bree ” No one messes with the boss!”


And PS- Our Graphics Goddess Kristy Of Posh Pixels Design Studio is the Sassy Genius Behind Our Cuteness. Sing it! “We Love You Kristy, Oh Yes We Dooooo”

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