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Candy Girl, Why Do You Like Candy So Much? Because it’s So Pretty, I thought that was obvious?

Tia Lupe, Miss Tecalitlan

Hey party people happy Saturday to you! It’s officially holiday party time and we have been working on some of the most magical Winter Wonderlands, Hanukkah themes and good ol’ Red & Green Christmas Candy Stations! So as I was working this fabulous event today and this really sweet lady named Elaine asks me, ” Why do you like candy so much, are you a candyholic?” I replied instantly, “No, I just think it’s so pretty and I know how to make it look pretty too!” I began to share with her that since I was little I have been absolutely obsessed by anything shiny, sparkly, glittery & pretty. Anyhow, today I stumbled upon several old family photos one in particular that caught my attention because it looked like a magical princess. It was a picture of one of my favorite aunts or as I have called her my whole life, my Tia Lupe. ( For all you non-latinos Tia simply means aunt in spanish) My Tia Lupe was a beauty queen in her hometown of Tecalitlan Jalisco, Mexico. My mom comes from a family of 12 kids! TWELVE as in 10, 11, 12!!! Yeah, I know sometimes I even wonder how my grandmother did it and she still looks fabulous, she’s healthy and has enough love to spread around to our entire enormous family and she prays for every single one of us daily. I think she and the big man upstairs are super duper BFF’S 4 eva! Do you know how many cousins are created from 12 aunts & uncles? 12 Mexican Aunts & Uncles! Don’t even get me started! Well let me tell you, I think I stopped counting after the 100th or so was born. Sometimes I meet kids at family parties and they say, “Hey Cousin!” And I’m like, “Who Me?” I’m telling you, these kids pop out of everywhere, bushes, trees, the sky, they just keep coming. Anyhow, these amazing and very fertile women in my life made me believe women could do and be anything they wanted, nothing is impossible and you could achieve some pretty great things in your lifetime ( also only achieved by working your beautiful butt off). So this post is dedicated to my beautiful aunts & cousins & my mom & grandmother . Many of us have turned out to be some of the most interesting, self centered, beautiful & super fun women ever! I love that you all have always tried to out do each other in the most loving way possible! And you still do! ( I am totally joking but c’mon in this family it’s kinda true) And here is to the most beautiful one of all.. ME, ME, ME! I win hands down in the gorgeous department! Lol- I know some eyes will be rolling really far back with that statement! I love you all Tia Tere, Tia Lupe, Tia Gaby, Madrina Tere, Tia Lili, Tia Lus, Tia Rosa, Abuelita, Mi Mama, Tia Beatriz & Y Todas Mis Primas Hermosas!

I love you ladies, each and every one of you! Thank you for loving me, picking me up when I fall and even though you all think I’m a little nuts, you still love me! Besitos!



Cousin Gabriella & Her Puppy

My God Mother Who I adore! Tere

Cousin Paulina, Mom, Lili & Lizette

That’s me on the far left

Lil Cousin Jessica all Grown Up

Me! I win Fo-Sho!

Mari Gets Married… Dang Girl! Finally!!!!

The Rock Of This Family, My Grandmother ( Center)

Aunt, Mom & Dad When They Were Dancing At Studio 54

My Mom & Her Sister On Her Wedding Day

Me again far left looking really entertained!

Sex & The City- Latina Style, My Mom Is Totally Carrie On The Right

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