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Candy, please don’t hate me but… I’m having an affair with STILA Cosmetics! So gor


I have to do it, I can’t go on living like this. I just want everyone to know how I feel about you and I can’t go on holding this all in any longer. I know that Candy may be a little hurt by this news or even a little jealous of our relationship but it just has to be said. I love you STILA, I love how you make me feel and you literally have transformed me into a more glammed up version of myself and because of that, I feel AMAZING! Thank you STILA, I’ll never leave you, EVER! ( Brand loyalty baby!)

XoXo- Candy Girl

Today I had one of the most fabulously fun meetings eva! I had the opportunity to sit down with the absolutely gorgeous & lovely team at my most favorite cosmetic company, STILA Cosmetics! I felt like I was entering the gates of heaven when the elevator doors opened onto their floor! As I’ve posted before, the candy girls and I LalaLOVE our STILA make-up and simply can’t get enough. Seriously though, their fall product line is insanely fantastic and the holiday items and gift ideas on their website ( make it so easy on me to do my shopping. The brush set essentials for $28 is such a crazy good deal and awesome stocking stuffer. Everyone on my holiday shopping list is getting one of those for sure! So with all this said, I wanted you guys to know that I decided to be brave and wear a lipgloss color that I NEVER have dared to try- A Shade of Red. I love the long wear liquid lip color in fiery! It’s so very va-va-va-voom! Whatayathink? Thank you Sam, Jen, Melissa, Kara & Lindsey! You girls are so fun, so smart & sooooo Candyliciously Delicious!!!

XoXo- Jackie

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