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Dear Mr. Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steve Slater, Ummm We’re Kind of Obsessed with YOU- The Can

“We’re Not Gonna Take it! NO! We ain’t gonna take it! We’re Not gonna take it.. anymore!!!” By now I’m sure many of you have heard of Mr. Steve Slater the fabulously unruly Jet Blue Flight Attendant who pulled the emergency slide , grabbed 2 beers and said a big fat Bon Voyage to the passengers & crew on board his flight and bolted off to freedom. The Candy Girls Lalalalove making a grand entrance & extraordinary exit where ever we go and we think Steve Slater would be a Phenomenal Eye Candy Boy and a great addition to our team! STEVE SLATER! THE HOLLYWOOD CANDY GIRLS WANT YOU!!! It takes MAJOR personality to run with our crew and we think Steve Slater is cute, sassy, ballsy & fun! We totally get it Steve! If a guest at one of our events hit us in the head with one of our Lollipops and didn’t apologize, well we’d be pretty angry too! How hard is it to be sweet & nice and say I’m sorry once in a while? Ummm…not that hard! Duh! Steve Slater, today we honor you for taking a stand against all meanies, for letting the inner child in you pull the emergency slide & saying Peace OUT even though you know that’s a big fat No, No and I think some kind of federal offense too right? And lastly, Steve Slater, we honor you because you are so freakin’ clever & cute for turning a nasty situation into a highly publicized one which turned you into an instant celebrity and American Hero! The Candy Girls Salute YOU Steve Slater & with that, FREE CANDY FOR YOU FOR A YEAR! Call us- Your Suga’, Suga’ is ready to be shipped baby!

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