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DONATE NOW! The Los Angeles Youth Network! Help Matt Spencer Raise $1500.00 by the end of this week!

Hey Party People,

A friend of mine Matt Spencer who I’ll admit I may see once a year when our worlds collide sent me a really kind facebook message tonight that said,

Hey gorgeous!

I loved your post today and all your posts for that matter. I am so inspired by your business and your commitment to follow your dreams.

I am writing because I am participating in a leadership course and as part of the program we have adopted a community service organization called Los Angeles Youth Network that serves mostly GLBT teens in Los Angeles. The kids are given a safe space, provided with mentoring, taught the value of honest work, and put on track toward obtaining a college education. This is an amazing organization and I am proud to be a part of it.

I personally have committed to raise $1500 by the end of this week. I currently have $950 and am excited to raise the rest and more!

If you are able to give, whatever it is you can afford, I would be enormously grateful. 100% of contributions go directly to the organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Hope you have a very happy holiday season!

PS- I know you are a social butterfly, so if you know anyone else who may be able to donate or would be willing to post my link, that would be amazing also. Regardless, I adore you and wish you a very happy kwannuchmas!



Well Matt,

I totally think the “gorgeous” part was a bit of a stretch but I am a big believer in the idea of pay it forward. You sent me this random message that made me feel really good and really proud and you asked me if I could help you. After reviewing the organization and seeing where my dollars are going, I’m so happy to have done this for you and the Los Angeles Youth Network.

Now to my blog readers, if you are anything like me at all and want to donate to a very worthy cause but are sometimes confused as to who or where you should donate then perhaps you should read about this organization and if you are moved like I was then DONATE whatever you can. I just did and I feel really good about it! The amount doesn’t matter your actions do.

INFO ON Los Angeles Youth Network

Tonight more than 10,000 youth will sleep on the streets of Los Angeles.

Instead of a bed, these kids will sleep in abandoned buildings and under freeways and wake each morning without food, water or basic medical service. While some leave their homes on their own volition, many are thrown out or abandoned on the street; a burden their families no longer want or need. Of the 12-17 year old runaways we see, most of their parents never report them missing.

Founded in 1984, The Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) is a California non-profit organization whose mission is to end homelessness one kid at a time, by providing shelter, food and counseling for the abused,

neglected and abandoned. The goals for each child are to successfully complete the permanent transition away from street life to a safe and secure living environment and to fully participate in society.

OC93 is a team of leaders who are committed to making the world a better place. As such, we have partnered with The Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN). Funds you raise from THIS PAGE will help us to build a library, study area and relaxation garden for homeless and runaway youth (12-17). Help us transform this space into a home for these youth!

ENTER THIS LINK TO DONATE AND MENTION MATT SPENCER IS THE FUNDRAISER PS- I would not be true to myself or do justice to this bloggy blog if I did not end this post with something kinda ridiculously funny! Since I decided to put my friend Matt Spencer on blast in the hopes of inspiring you guys to help his cause, I wanted to post some pics of Matt so you could put a face with the name. He’s silly and HOT but doesn’t take himself that seriously and I personally, LOVE THAT! Sorry Matty-Poo but facebook photos are free for the taking Hunnnay! XoXo- Your Amiga YACKIE Candy Girl

Matt Looking Supa- Mega HAWT!!!

Matt Bieber, It’s Like Baby, Baby Oooooohhhhh!

Matt looking very RICH as a child

Matt has giant eyeballs & teeth

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