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For All The Chicks Out There Like Us Who Work Hard For The Money, This One’s For You Baby!!!

Happy FRIDAY!!! To all the teenagers working their very 1st jobs at the mall wearing a ridiculous hot dog on a stick uniform, the college students who stay up all night studying with their friends red bull & pizza while working a full time job, the ladies working their way up, those of you just starting out in the world and the grannies who are just about ready to retire, the single moms, the soccer moms, corporate moms, stay at home moms too! We Salute YOU and I proudly happen to be one of you! Never expected anyone to give me a damn thing and I certainly wasn’t born into wealth either! I think most of us can relate to that, NO? Why complain and cry about it when we can work, dance & sing our way to success! Your hard work will pay off so keep on workin’ hard for the money baby!

XoXo, Candy Girl

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