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Happy Hpnotiq Birthday Markus Molinari- “We’re SO Excited We Could Puke Glitter Too&#822

How does a leading Hollywood stylist’s and friend to so many Celebs celebrate his 30th Birthday? With a Boat Load of Suga’ & Hpnotiq Baby! Markus Molinari- you are a very special guy with a styling gift from the Gods and the sweet & gentle disposition of an Angel. So glad we got to chat before your Massive Hollywood Birthday Bash at Voyeur Night Club however, this candy girl had to run off to make sure our candy crew was handling all our other events sprinkled around town. Oh! And pregnant chicks aren’t really staples at Hot Hollywood Ragers like yours! Happy Birthday Markus! We hope all your sweetest dreams came true tonight. Say hi to your Bestie Katy Perry, We kind of have an inappropriate love affair and obsession with her. She’s a total sugar mama after-all!

XoXo-Candy Girl

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