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Happy Thoughts! Good Energy, Zen, Peace, Love, Harmony, Cute Babies… Thank God I have my Kid t

Dearest Isabella- Heiress to this insane candy empire,

In a world that is mostly all love, peace and happiness, mommy has to sometimes deal with the occasional crappy situation but you are better then any happy pill that could ever be prescribed or borrowed from one of my mommy’s friends and like Ke$ha says, “Your Love is My Drug” When I lose it these days ( which is a lot less often due to Tai Chi, an inappropriate amount of scented candles that surround my work space, and a new fountain that is supposed to sound like a babbling brook) you just laugh at me and smile because in your little world, you think I’m just being silly when I make those angry faces or start to throw my hands in the air. I love you kid! Oh My God, am I really crying? Yup! Here it goes. Good Night!

XoXo- Mommy

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