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Here Comes Trouble.. How the circle of life never cease’s to Amazzzze Me!

Once upon a time many moons ago 2 little girls named Heather & Jackie lived a couple houses apart from each other on Teresa Street and formed an instant friendship ( a devious one at times). They grew up relatively normal however, on some occasions they resisted authority, never took NO for an answer, would write business plans and create silly business names like (101 ways to make chicken) during sleep overs ( no joke), they wore hideous red & silver sequins unitards and danced on the drill team, ran off to the corner store to secretly buy candy & french fries (even though both were always on diets) and even dated weirdo’s with even weirder names. Anyhow, Heather & Jackie eventually became grown-ups( we think) and created 2 more little girls who’d follow in their foot steps.. Meet Belly & Maddie just like their mommies, one brunette & a blonde and it looks like the brunette is already plotting some naughty little scheme that will eventually get both these little girls in big trouble! I suppose my dominant genes were passed on to my kid because that look on brunette baby’s face is the same look I often have on my face! Whatever it is this kid was up to.. she’ll never tell! The circle of life, isn’t is amazingly ironic? I thought so too!

XoXo, Candy Girl

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