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I Believe in “The American Dream” Because TODAY I Got To Experience It With My Own Famil

Hi Friends!!!! Kind of Overloaded, Over-joyed, Over-tired, Over-emotional all day long TODAY!

My husband & I waited for this moment for nearly 7 years! The truth is, EVERYTHING is possible if you are willing to work for it, never quit & never allow yourself to be defeated no matter what life throws your way. We ALL deserve extraordinary moments & I wanted to share this BIG one with you. We are now officially proud members of a very cool street located in suburbia, Los Angeles that is loaded with kids, babies, families, big trees, strollers, cute shops and even more ironic is the fact that our next door neighbor happens to be a good buddy of ours. More incredibly though…


( Total Americana, Suburbia Cuteness- Overload!!! AHHHHHH!!!!)

Thank you for being a part of my crazy little journey for so long. You are my friends, many of you feel like family and since I am convinced that every single one of us is somehow connected to one-another somehow… it feels pretty special to share this moment with you too!

Happy Holidays Amigos!

XoXo, Jackie

PS- Forgive the crazy, straggly hair & lack of lipgloss & lashes.. This was most certainly NOT a camera ready shoot today, it was simply…

REAL LIFE! (just the way I like it!)

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