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I Blog Because I Can! One of my BFF’s in the event industry is the absolute Pimp Daddy Of The

So I must tell you all that I have an amazing event industry boy bestie who I am totally obsessed with and have been for what seems like an eternity. My uber-bananas talented and sexy pants friend, Dov Viramontes owner and founder of the Cliques Photo Booth ( is hands down a boy genius. Dov has revolutionized the photo booth. The standard photo booth that you typically see at Weddings, Mitzvahs and other celebrations certainly is fun but think of that experience and times it by 100 to the tenth power!!! Cliques is a customized photo experience. People have the most hysterically fun time dressing up, posing and acting silly and their prints are delivered on the spot. Next to my super sweet as pie candy girls and our candy creations, cliques is next in line to win the totally bodaciously rad & awesome award! Cliques and I have done so many events together, our events kind of go hand in hand so we are always booking the same parties and have many of the same wonderful clients in common. I also love Dov because he is really sincere about his deep and undying crushes on all the candy girls. One week its Bree, then Calyse then Vanessa then Joey and so on…Keep dreamin’ Dovy-poo cuz dreams do come true sometimes! I am asked to blog about peoples services or products quite often and I wish I could blog all day but I simply don’t have the time. I honestly blog about stuff that I think is so totally bloggable that it must be written and shared with my readers so with that said, check out At the very least, their photos will be pure eye candy fun!

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