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I’m Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month BY Embarrassing My Parents & Showing You A Very B


Be proud of who you are! Who your family is and where you came from! I hate when people feel ashamed of their roots or even embarrassed of them. I’ve seen people pretend to be something other than what they are or pretend they don’t speak that other language- whatever it may be. I’ll admit it, when I was a kid, somedays I had wished I was blonde with blue eyes, super skinny with huge boobs too- because I thought that’s what would make me beautiful here in Sunny Southern California. So I tried it out ( minus the super skinny & huge boobs) and discovered I’d made another one of my really stupid conclusions about who I was supposed to be. I was a Platinum blonde for a few years when I lived in New York and all I discovered is that, dying your hair that much is really expensive, hurt my head and when I spoke spanish guys would get weirdly pervy & really excited as if I were a rare-exotic yellow haired species who could make some pretty amazing Guacamole. Well… I suppose it wasn’t a totally stupid decision because I met my husband with that weird yellow hair but he hated it, so I changed it and then he thought I was the most stunning creature on this earth! ( Love is blind isn’t it! Ha.)

After-all, our colorful world would be such a ridiculously boring place if we all looked, lived, spoke, danced & celebrated the very same way! My parents have funny accents, my dad dances to rap music as if he’s having a stage 5 seizure & my mom can roll her RRRRR’s like nobody’s business and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Even if that means, the lady in the Macy’s shoe department has no clue as to what size shoe my mom just asked her to try on… 3x! Thank God for the English subtitles that magically appear over my moms head when we’re out shopping!

I’m kidding mom, your Ingles is totally Perrrrrfect but dad, your hip hop dancing does kinda scare people! You should stick to your Argentine Tango! I’m Yust Yoking..Love, Yackie

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