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I’m not the only one in Candy Land who likes to dress up lil’ kids! Meet Pancho Villa

Hi-Ya Party people!!!

I simply want to share this photo with you to prove that I am not the only member of Candy Land who finds pleasure in dressing up babies or small children in silly costumes. This is our amazing Intern and the worlds most professional eye ball roller Jessica’s nephew dressed as Pancho Villa! Cute right! I love his mustache it’s so looong and for all you serious folks who frown upon our crazy fun- YES- The pistol is totally real! Relax! It”s made out of fantastic plastic! And Jessica- well Yes, those really are her eye balls nearly rolling outside of her head! I totally get it- Free Labor is no fun!

I need a Margarita and a Bucket of Guacamole right about now! Viva Mexico!!! Ay-ya-ya-yayyyyyyyy!!!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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