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It’s Nearly Midnight And I Have To Blog This Off My Brain!

Why are us girls so hard on ourselves alllllll the time? And I am so absolutely 1000% hands down included in this statement! It seems so many of us are never quite happy enough with ourselves, our appearance, our bodies, our intelligence, our creativity, our ability, our mothering skills, our relationships, our achievements, our anything! Some days I think I am so freakin’ cool & funny & smart and I think I am the most amazing human on the planet who has so much self-esteem that I could bottle it up and give it away to those in need. And then every now and then it all changes and I feel like I’m just a whatever girl, living a whatever life doing blah, blah things… I know I had a point when I began this social commentary but what I am realizing in this exact moment is, I’m dumb if I think any of that stuff is true!!! I mean, c’mon, I’m a candy girl and that’s kind of a ridiculously outrageous job! I may not be the hottest chick, I may not be a pulitzer prize winner and God only knows, with all the costume changes I put my little baby through in a day, I most certainly may never win the perfect mother of the year award. ( but… we”ll sure win all those ridiculous baby pageants I enter her in and then we’ll master baby tap & jazz classes which will lead to a starring role on the Disney Channel and then I’ll just be her momager and manage her endorsement deals- UGHMAZING!!) Anyhow, back to my social commentary, I suppose all I can do is continue working my butt off, I am not sure what I am trying to achieve by doing so but I’m sure that’ll be discovered in therapy. I also think that for every 50 amazing self-esteem in a bottle days I experience, I may also have 5 blah, blah days and I think that’s a pretty damn good ratio! However, I failed Algebra about 7 times so don’t quote me on anything relating to numbers. Whatever, you’re so lame anyway blah, blah days! If I could take away everyone’s blah, blah days I so would but for now, I can just share how I feel and perhaps connect with one of you who perhaps needed to hear this at this very moment! You’re so rad & you’re amazing & cool & sooooo gorg ( it should be illegal) & so fun & so brilliant! Now you better believe it before I come over there and tattoo that message onto your forehead or your ass! Hugs & kisses & a super booty bump to you sista’s! Gooooo US!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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