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Keeping it Real With The Hollywood Candy Girls! Meet Tiffany- A Mommy & Business Owner & H

Hi-Ya Gorgeous party people! So what’s with this “Keeping it real with the Hollywood Candy Girls” you ask? Well, it’s our way of spotlighting totally fabulous, and very REAL women! Why are we doing this? Why Not? We have a no Fakey Phonies allowed policy in our Candy Coated offices and we’ve found that it’s fun & liberating & refreshing to share a dirty, silly, random or weird little secret? Our friends, fans, blogabee’s and candy stalkers ( Hi! New Jersey & Hi Tooth Fairy Copy Cats) digg these funny moments of brutal honesty and can connect with one-another through humor and even stuff that is supposed to be embarrassing! We believe in Living Out Loud and having as much F to the U to the N as possible! If you have a keep it real moment to share, e-mail it to us. We’d lalallove to feature you Hot Chicky Babies!

XoXo- Candy Girl

“I think about my next meal as soon as I am done with the one I just ate…. judge me! Now thats keeping it real!”


Mommy to Brielle & Owner and H.B.I.C. @ Couture Candy Buffets our Sister Company & one of our fava faves!

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