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Kinda Hyperventilating a little right now knowing that we’ll be Celebrating with our Cubano He

Kind of needing an Oxygen tank right now! We’re practicing the Running Man, Rodger Rabbit and Cabbage Patch in our knee socks to ensure our moves are most def, on point for Mr. Hiltons B-day! We’re bringing along our date C-A-N-D-Y who is such an insane party girl! We hope she behaves because sometimes she causes such a traffic jam & major ruckus and we get a little mad at her! We’re so jealous- she’s always the most popular one in the bunch! Whatevs Candy, we’re just stoked that we’re actually on the Guest List! Hottest Ticket in town to celebrate our Cubano Hermano’s Big Bday! Love’s Us Some Perezzy & Teddy Hilton Too!

XoXo- Candy Girls

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