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Ladies & Gentleman One of my dreams came true! Let’s just say I LOVE My Big Fat Greek We

I’ve been waiting to post this blog for a few days because I simply could not rush saying everything I wanted to say about this couples event or my experience with them. I met Jenn Bates several months ago and we chatted about her wedding coordination, her candy buffet vision and her Greek fiance Dimitrios Haritopoulos (is that not the most perfect Greek last name or what!) or just D as we call him. She was clearly so excited about marrying this man and making this day so perfectly perfect for their families, friends and Jen’s adorable son Kobe who I grew to love as if he was my own! Jenn & Dimitrios’s wedding was a traditional Greek Bash. They were married at the most magnificent Greek Church and held their reception at the Redondo Beach Crowne Plaza which is practically on the water. I love traditional events and I’m not gonna lie, I was Obsessed with the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I had dreamed of working on one of these myself and I can now check that off my bucket list. OMG, can I also just say D’s mom had prepared huge platters of Baklava and traditional Greek cookies which were placed on every table. I snuck one and they were amazingly amazing!!! The traditional Greek colors of Blue & White were used for all the decorative elements however, Jenn thought a big POP of color would be fun for her custom candy buffet & dessert bar. Our fab graphics goddess Kristy of Posh Pixels made them the cutest signage and our baking diva Kelle cooked up the cutest mini cupcake glam bites!

All I can really say is I feel so incredibly lucky to consistently work with the nicest, kindest & most caring people. Jenn & D kept insisting that I invite my husband Chris & Baby Bella to their reception to enjoy this day with them. I kept saying, ” Guys, I work for you, that’s silly” They didn’t care, they kept insisting and although Chris & Bella never quite made it to the event, the mere fact that they invited them and took such an interest in my world & my family melted me. They kept asking me if I was ok, if I was hungry, they wanted me to relax & enjoy the wedding… I’m such a worker, all I know how to do is work and to be honest with you, when people are incredibly kind to me it’s almost as if I think I’m not worthy and I get shy or I cry. ME of all people right! Well, behind all the silliness and sassy blogging, I’m actually a really corny softy who cries.. ALOT ( but usually in my car so no one sees me). I can’t really say enough about these two amazingly wonderful and kind hearted people. I just Love them and they know this because I’ve probably said it way too many times. Since I do things my way, telling a client I love them in my world is absolutely acceptable. And PS- Yeah- they said it back to me so we are officially all in love with each other now and I don’t look like the lame girl who says I love you first and never hears it back!

Enjoy the pics of their fab event and the super sweet emails from them below! Here’s to you Jen & D! OPAH!!!!!


A Message From The Groom

Well for me, the entire experience was awesome. You can attend as many weddings as you want but it’s so much different when your the center of the attention. The time goes by so fast and you barely have any time to hang and see the people that came.The candy buffet was a great hit. People that it was amazing and had never seen anything like it before. The cupcakes were to die for. We’ve got an entire box of them that we get to fatten ourselves up with.I wanted to thank you for everything you did for us and helping me with everything I forgot to do =).I know Jenn has been working with you for months and she can provide more AMAZING feedback but all I have to say is your are truly amazing and I am so glad you got to be a part of our once in a lifetime special day and we will always look back and smile.Thank you again for everything. Wish you all the best in the future and good luck with everything you have going on. Your great, funny and amazing. Don’t ever think anything less of yourself!!!


A Message From The Bride

I finally was able to get the laptop away from my husband (I love saying that!!!!!) When you and I first starting working together, I would always tell D how AMAZING!!!!!!! you were. Since D didn’t know you, he’d say she’s just saying that because she’s getting paid. I would tell him no, she’s so helpful and always there when I need her. After our first meeting, he’s was shocked that I was right LOL (you know how men are) Sunday you were a shining star. I went to do something, and came back to D first thing he said was Jackie’s freaking amazing!!!! Our wedding/reception would not have been the same if we didn’t have you. Your husband is so lucky to have such a loving, giving PERFECT WIFE. I seriously want a part time job when I get pregnant. I’ll be your slave baby!!!!!! Everyone loved loved the candy, you gave me what I wanted something different. People left saying, that was a great reception once of the best weddings I’ve ever been too. We seriously want you to be a part of our lives, I know your crazy busy and hardly have time for you own life. Maybe you can squeeze us in, we’d be honored if you would be our friend. Kobe adores you, he thinks your great. I’m always here for you if you want to vent or even just want to chat. I promise to stay in contact with you, even if it’s just to say hi. Your the best ever!!!!! Your super sexy perfect smile never change, don’t let them change the real you.

We love you!



XoXo- J

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