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Merry XXXL-Mas! If you’ve never heard of New Jersey’s resident Sweet Lovin’ Female

4 years ago this Super Jerseylicious Sweet Lover came onto the scene in a Major way! 1st off MTV backed her and her youtube videos blew up. She’s funny & She’s In On The Joke. One of my best friends, Tiffany from New Jersey or Dirrrrty Jerzy ( This is clearly a Jersey thing!) has an unhealthy obsession with Chunky Pam and she likes to remind me of Chunky Pam’s existence every year by emailing me her videos, singing me her songs and sometimes she raps a verse or two for me and she posts Chunky Pams works of art on my facebook page. And… I have to admit a MASSIVE secret of mine- I lived in New Jersey for years and if I can admit that, then clearly- I am a brave woman and deserving of some amazing award for owning up to it! And BTW, this is the type of stuff that I live for. Life is short party people, so make it sweet & fun and always remember… RELAX! Life’s not meant to be lived sooooo seriously all the time! I’m taking my own advice and just for today, I won’t care about any Copy Cats, Blogabees & Blog Stalkers and you guys know how I typically deal with those aliens!

Happy Holidays! Grab a Ho-Ho & Some Twizzlers & Enjoy!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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