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Mindless Friday Purchase- A Custom Made Glittery Cotton Candy Cookie Jar!

We found a lady on-line who makes these custom ceramic things and fell in love with her quirky stuff. She called this a Glittery Cotton Candy Cookie Jar but it kinda looks like an Ice cream cone too, No? Anyhow- it’s cute and like our graphics goddess Kristy of Posh Pixels says, “Make Life Cute” We’re doing our part to do so and this is going to look Ridic-ballz cute in our new offices & showroom which we’re prepping for the Grand Opening! So excited, so much freakin’ work! I could barf, and us pregnant chicks do that ALOT! Thanks ceramic cookie jar maker lady in Clovis, Ca. Please pack with care and lots of bubble wrap, we’ll die if this cracks.

XoXo, Candy Girl

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