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More Candy Drama- Rama In Candy Land! You Know You Love It! Forget You!!!

In the spirit of KEEPING IT REAL, I have to admit that this week was increasingly busy with Blog Stalkers, Blogabees, Telephone Spies, Time Wasters, Photo Burglars, Facebook Frienemies & Of course Copy Cats Galore. Who ever said the Candy World was all Lollipops & Gum Drops, Pink Puffy Hearts & Unicorns is totally delusional. Wait! I think I may have said that a while back but guess what? Things Changed. So to all of you who fall into these categories and continue of copy, steal, replicate, imitate, call us from your private-blocked numbers..we’re on to you and so is the FBI, CIA, US Navy, Air force, The Secret Service, Bomb Squad, Garbage Man & Telephone Operator, & Even the President is onto you and thinks you are so RUDE!

( And you totally know who you are because when you read this you’re going to get slightly uncomfortable and question if this is directed at YOU & YES, we will be putting you on blast too! Stay tuned!)

And in honor of Y’ALL- I leave you with my favorite new song from Cee-Lo. A lyrical genius who I have loved since my days in NYC. This candy girl is totally keepin’ it G and doin’ what I gotta do to protect me & my candy familia! You feel me! So like my buddy Cee- Lo says…

Forget You!!!


PS- Shame, Shame, Shame, I so totally know Your Name!

PPS- To all my fellow friends & chicks & moms in business who write me and call me and tell me how much you appreciate these posts because you’re so tired of dealing with this crap too, I write in honor of all Y’all too!- You’re welcome! 😉

PPS- And to my husband who thinks I waste to much time on my silly blog… Consider this more time wasted. I love you!

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