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My Candy Girls Left Me All Alone To Run The Joint While They Caused A Ruckus In Las Vegas For Their

Well, there comes a time in every candy girls life when you simply hang up your party hat and start acting like a grown up. I used to say, I put the P in Party the Who in Whoooo Hooooo, The U in Fun, The Can In Candy ( Well I still do that one). Anyhow, we had a big Birthday month and celebrated 4 birthdays in the last couple of weeks. Bree, Calyse, Joey & Jessica! Happy Birthday to all my fabulously fun, lovely, smart , hard working, beautiful girlies. Most of the girls went to Las Vegas to get away and tear it up, Candy Girl Style! We work hard and as cliche as it may sound, we can party pretty hard too! But only in a classy, sweet & fun way. Of course!

I won’t deny it, I look at these photos and think to myself, ” I’m sooooo jealous of you girls even though I love you. I wanna be in Vegas too and have some weirdo pay for all my drinks and have some random bouncer escort me to the front of the line at all the hottest clubs and have some investment banker give me all his money to gamble with too!” Am I missing anything girls? Those were the good old days when I didn’t run a booming biz or live in this crazy candy world, didn’t have my gorgeous little Baby Bella Boo and wasn’t married to my delicious husband Chris A.K.A Mr. New York.

Well, I suppose this is simply part of life and we all grow up and life forces us to mature and behave accordingly. We pack up the mini skirts, hair extension clip ins, glittery eye liner, leopard dresses & hot pink high heels and we store them away for safe keeping. Are you crying for me yet? This is pretty sad stuff right?

NOT! I still got it Huuuuuuunay, I just need some time to get this Candy Empire totally solid and I promise you Jackie and her Party Train will be back in action. But…business first you know, I’ve got Bella’s college tuition at Harvard, dance classes & a super sweet 16 to pay for! You thought I lost my Flava right? Negative! That is a total impossibility! I’m just a little wiser and smarter. I’m still not sure I would still rock that corny leopard dress though but I do have some very BIG & MAJOR plans for my girls and I! You better soooo stay tuned…

I so had you for a minute didn’t I? You know me, such a prankster!

With all that said, Happiest of Birthdays to all my girls! I could not run this candy world without you! Motha’ Loves You All!

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