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Oh My 50,0000 Party People!!! Thank you for reading our silly, little blog! You So Validate Us &#038

Wow-O-Wow!!! 50,000 Readers, Visitors, Blogabee’s Candy Spies, Friends & Fans, Candy Industry Big Wigs who tell us, we’re silly & fun and even you blog stalkers & under-cover readers who prefer to be covert and operate in disguise…A big, sparkly, and very sweet THANK YOU to each and every single one of you! Since August 29th we’ve been counting and big numbers usually mean great things except of course when getting on a scale or when counting how many boyfriends you’ve had! 50,000 is kind of a massive number and that’s depression inducing kind of numbers especially if you’re relating it to scales or bad relationships! Anyhow, We Soooo thank you for reading, for being a part of this crazy little colorful world we live in and for all your awesome emails, facebook friendships, comments and inspiration!

Kind of how we’re feeling right about now!! Press Play, Watch it, Sing it, Dance it, Do it but don’t start crying like we are!!! Today is a celebration!!!

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