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OMG!!! We Have Found The Cutest Candy, Ice Cream & Cup Cake Shop on Earth! Quinn’s Ice Cr

While out and about today I happened to stumble upon a GEM of a shop~ Quinn’s Ice Cream & Sweets. Of course being the “Candy Girl” any place with the word Sweets in the name makes me wonder… So I headed into this adorable shop in a cute little shopping center in Los Alamitos and when I opened the doors I thought, “WOAH!” I felt like I was back in New York City! New York shops, boutiques & cafe’s seem to have that extra Wow factor, they are so imaginative, beautifully decorated and always have such a uniqueness to them! Quinn’s is NYC approved in my book! Everything about this place was CUTE x10! They have this phenomenal frozen hot chocolate just like they serve at Serendipity in NYC. My eyes were literally on Stimuli-overload! There was so much fun stuff in every corner. They also host children’s parties and I would imagine any little prince or princess would have a blast celebrating with their friends at Quinn’s.

Quinn’s has something for everyone! Amazing cupcakes in a ton of unique flavors, So many Ice Cream flavors that were screaming my name, Candy, Candy and more Candy! They had some awesome nostalgic treats and their walls are lined with Candy Jars filled with a variety of sweets from gum drops to pixie sticks, to gummies and more! I thought I had seen it all when I noticed the giant chcolate & caramel covered apples, pop corn balls and chocolates! I can not sing Quinn’s praises enough and was lucky enough to stop in while owners Linda Shay & Tina Crispen were there. 2 very nice women who I believe will have AMAZING success! Trevor who worked behind the counter made me the BEST Frozen Hot Chocolate too!

I look so forward to stopping in and seeing what’s new at this lovely little Sugary Paradise and know I will definitely be using their goodies for our events!



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