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Our Newest Addition! The Old Fashioned Table Top Candy Cart! Totally Customizable & Totally Bra

Introducing our New Customizable Candy Cart! It’s super cute & super fun! Something new we had to share with our candy family. Candy will never be Blah rather, we make it Blahwesome!!! Oh and new super cute outfits too! A big thank you to our beloved Candy Girl, Briana who managed to design these new outfits for our Candy Crew! They’re actually so cute that this weekend at a Bridal event, a bride got so upset at her new fiance when he couldn’t take his eyes off of our bodacious beauties! You better check yourself before you wreck yourself homeboy, or better yet- Get a new Fiance who has way more self confidence and is nicer to you! What a scene queen this girl was! Ugh!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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