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Praise The Candy Gods!!! Finally, A Photo Has Been Taken Where My Husband is Clearly Not Sooooo Much

In the spirit of “Keeping it Real” I am going to say this, FINALLY a photo has been taken where my husband is clearly not soooo much better looking then me! When you have a baby you just go through massive changes and some of us don’t bounce back to sexy as quickly as we’d hope to and to be fair, working in Candy Land, Cake Land, Cookie Land, Cupcake & Passed Hours Devours at every single event Land etc… is a serious matter that I often take up with with my therapist, Dr. Issues. I was never model skinny, amazon chick tall or super ripped to begin with and even then, I still managed to get the occasional perv truck driver honk on the freeway or Hey girl Heeeeey while working an all nighter in Da’ club with my Candy girls! Anyhow, A big thank you to my lovely and dear friend Mrs. Sarah Zahran who snapped this snazzy pic. She’s the owner of Sarah Z Events (! She’s a total wedding goddess and I love her and her gorgeous family and delicious daughters. And for the record, I barely even photo shopped this picture and I think the weird artichoke diet that was smuggled in from Mexico for me may actually be working.. a little!

XoXo- Candy Girl

PS- Press Play Below I’m feeling JT wrote this song for me today!

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