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Such A Super Fun Morning With Billy Bush & Kit Hoover On Access Hollywood Live on NBC!

Hi Friends!

Ya know! It’s simply so awesome to get to experience so many new & wonderful opportunities all because of the fact that several years ago while at my rock bottom, I decided to start a really cool business & decided all I wanted to do with my life was make people HAPPY, bring people JOY and teach them how to CELEBRATE & PARTY!

It’s true what they say, when you find your passion and you pursue it to the fullest, you can make some pretty spectacular things happen for yourself and your life! I believe in being bold, for thinking wayyyyyy out of the box, for leading and trailblazing and making your mark, whatever that mark may be anyway.

I call myself president of “the tortured souls” club and my friends are all members too! Basically, I realize that every single one of us has a story that often comes with insecurities, pain, failures, regrets etc… It’s all the hard stuff we go through however, you CAN move forward, you CAN pull your life and yourself out of this place and make really incredible stuff unfold for yourself. You simply have to want to. You need to believe it and subscribe to the idea that you too- are totally worthy of kicking ass and being invited to join Billy & Kit on Access Hollywood Live some day too! Ok.. so maybe the Access Hollywood part of this story isn’t your thing, but whatever is your thing.. Chase it, create it, do it, talk about it and watch yourself BECOME IT!

Happy Holidays Friends!

Xo, Jackie

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