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The Grandparents To The Candy Empire Get Their Americana On- Georgie & Arci Hit The East Coast

Mom & Dad Named Me After Miss Jackie O

The Grandparents to the candy empire took a most well deserved vacation to visit Washington & Boston and frolic around the East Coast hand in hand for ten days. While we were here working like maniacs-juggling business craziness, many, many, parties, mom duties, wife duties, pregnancy, erratic emotions and MOVING HOUSES ( Next Door Can You Believe It? We’re so weird!) , my two crazy ( and wonderful parents who I adore like a freak) were having a blast getting their Americana On! Mom & Dad love this country and wanted to explore it in in a way they’d always dreamed of. Two immigrants who came to the United States and had a vision and a dream to create the best life possible for their family. I always say my insane desire to work comes from my parents, who worked for 35+ years waking up at 4:30 am and getting home late in the evenings, working over-time on the weekends and doing all they could to ensure our family was comfortable and always had what we needed. At this point in their retired lives, my parents are living life just as they should be.. traveling and enjoying every second of their days doing whatever in the hell it is they feel like doing! It may be cliche but this is what the American Dream is all about, NO? And my favorite thing about them is that they still think they are 25 years old and have no problem taking funny & inappropriate pics in public! Laughter is the key to happiness and these two laugh a- lot! Usually it’s at each-other but Hey! At least they’re still laughing right!

Love you mom & dad! So glad you’re back and ready for some more babysitting again!

-Your daughter

They left a candy bouquet for Sasha & Malia

A Very Fancy Building


Beautiful Washington

Boston Baby!

The Skyline- ain’t it grand!

My Mom who my dad seems to think is a Lady of the night!

We’re pretty open about our politics in this family!

Mom & Dad on the see -saw

and they vacationed happily ever after… aww…

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