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The Grandparents To The Candy Empire! It’s Weeks Like This Where I’d Rather Have YOU The

The Grandparents to the Candy Empire Georgie & Arci & The Heiress To The Candy Empire!!!

This week is an exceptionally, insanely, bonkers, bananas, busy one and yes it’s due to work, projects, events during all hours of the day, Dr. appointments for the new baby, candy warehouses opening, places to go, people to see, events in New York, Miami… AND.. apparently I’m supposed to STOP! and smell the roses too! I did that while picking up the mail this morning and now I can’t stop sneezing and my allergies are making me a puffy-eyed mess of crazy face! Note to self- NO more smelling the roses, just sniff UPS man Miguel’s over-powering P-Diddy cologne.. Raawr!

Anyhow, family has been on my mind ALOT! It always is actually and the truth is, it’s the only reason all this is even happening or why I work myself into a crazed frenzy 7 days a week. By the way, my temper has been a bit more under control lately and I’m working on it daily and feel like no one is even noticing… guess I’ll have to keep doing the deep breathing exercises that Dr. Issues showed me. So with all that being said, I love you mom & dad. I don’t know how this would all happen without you and you’ve become the most Amazing Grandparents To The Candy Empire & It’s Because of you that we will achieve Candy World Domination!!!!

Love you, Booty Bump High Fives!

Candy Girl

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