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To Put On Blast Or To Not Put On Blast- Now That Is The Question! America’s Dumbest Copy Cat!

Hey Party People! I post these precious moments for YOU! My blog readers, friends & fans, blogabees’s and blog stalkers! You guys often tell me this type of stuff makes you laugh and so many fans share with me that the reason you like me is for keeping it real, telling it like it is and never straying from that kind of authenticity so this my candy family is for you! I let 90% of this stuff roll of my back but 10% is so funny & ridiculous, it must be shared. I’m also a strong supporter in empowering women to stand for themselves & sometimes that means adopting a take no prisoners attitude. I get it, they say, don’t sweat the small stuff but unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of living a life of leisure where someone else pays all my bills or goes to work while I stay at home and catch up on Day’s of our lives and then running off to get my hair highlighted while stopping off for a quick Cafe Latte to chit chat with Laverne & Shirley! I also choose to work my ass off because it make me feel good about myself and makes my parents proud and… I DO have bills to pay, a fabulous business to grow, products to endorse, books to write, places to go and people to see.. you dig? And just now I felt like sweatin’ a little so with all that said, ENJOY!

I seriously need to pitch a show similar to that of America’s dumbest criminals and call it America’s Dumbest Copy Cats! Was this dude who convo’d me 2 minutes ago on Facebook 4 real!You should do your homework before being so ballsy however, I do commend the ballsiness I just have to respond to the attempt and say, “Candy Girl don’t Play Dat Homey! Duhhhh!”


Custom Candy Buffet Bars: For what purpose

Salim XXXX Blah Blah:



Custom Candy Buffet Bars: Ohhh, I see for a “friends”

So then I click to see who this person is and peek at their pics and come to find out some interesting info detailed in their photos!

Custom Candy Buffet Bars: WHY would you ask me for my pricing if it’s clear you do candy as well and are even replicating our recent designs and even using our website content for your benefit!

Salim XXXX Blah Blah:


Custom Candy Buffet Bars: I admit, I’m not interested in competitors using our information for personal gain. Our pricing changes with every event, every client, everyone has a different budget. We are too busy. Sorry Copy Cat but I can’t chat any longer my Unicorn just arrived to pick me up and take me shopping in Wonka Land to pick up my prescription of anger management pills!


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