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Top Chef Just Desserts Quick Fire Challenge – Contestants Make A Penny Candy Creation! Music t

I am a reality show junkie and I admit it. On the rare occasion that I have some extra time, I love watching Bravo and tonight I happen to tune into their new show Top Chef, Just Desserts. I heard them say something about the chefs quick fire challenge was to create a candy creation and I thought.. YESSSSSS! Love it! Soon the whole world will realize there is a Candy Revolution happening and I won’t look like the crazy candy obsessed candy girl any longer! The Chefs created a dessert and incorporated penny candy or old fashioned candy for those of you who are like penny what? It was fun to watch but I wanted to jump through the TV so bad and school those chefs on candy. I may not know how to make a souffle, use liquid nitrogen or make bananas flambe but I do know how to rock some candy and make it look pretty too…

I’m definitely tuned into this new show and once again Bravo, you have found yet another way to complete me. I heart you Bravo- Your housewives, your Jeff Lewis, Your Top Chef, Your Top chef Just desserts, Your nine by design, your Rachel Zoe, Your reunion shows, Your Andy Cohen, Your Jackie Warners Thintervention, Your Bethenny Getting Married, Your Kathy Griffin and all your stuff in the works that I don’t even know about yet…

XoXo- Candy Girl

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