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The Hollywood Candy Girls were tickled pink when called in by some of our Fava Fave Clients at Hpnotiq & Harmonie to help sweetify the 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Shows in OC & NYC! Harmonie served it up with the most delicious cocktails in town and the Biggest Super Models on this entire planet partied the night away watching the fabulous show & sampling all kinds of sweet candy & dessert treats. We created a Bling Bar for the Star Studded Event and as always, we had a blast.. And then we all ran home changed clothes, went to the gym and did 56,000 spin classes while the boss was in the hospital bringing Baby Lord Lollipop into the world. A most eventful day in Candy Girl Land to say the least! So grateful to be working our booties off!

XoXo- Candy Girls

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