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Vanessa’s Elegant, Rich & Romantic Wedding @ The World Renowned Riviera Country Club, Pac

Labor Day Weekend & this Candy Girl is on event over-load! We’ve got a weekend full of events and I can guarantee one thing, every single one of them will be absofab! I must tell you about this stunning wedding and another wonderful bride I had the pleasure of working with. The super sweet & lovely Vanessa Clark was married to her sweetie pie at the world renowned Riviera Country Club in the stunning Pacific Palisades. I’d describe Vanessa’s day in 3 words: Elegant, Rich & Romantic! The most beautiful lush red roses and beautiful floral arrangements complimented the magnificent crystal ballroom with it’s dramatic windows the most fantastic views in LA. Vanessa LOVES candy as she explained to me on our 1st phone call. She wanted a complimentary candy buffet bar and chocolate covered strawberries were a MUST HAVE! We included custom decor to enhance her wedding vision and as soon as guests arrived they made a b-line for the candy… happens every time!

A big thank you to some very special guys, first off to my new friend Bill, Director of Weddings & Special events at the club who was super helpful and lovely in every way. And another big thank you to my favorite Eye Candy Boy & Husband who can’t ever catch a weekend off or a break due to his wife’s crazy busy schedule. Since it’s labor day weekend the candy girls were all off doing fun & amazing things so yours truly picked up the slack and made sure that everything went smoothly. Hey! Like Tim Gunn says, “Make it Work” so we did just that. Enjoy the photos .


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