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VENTING CUZ IT’S MY OWN DAMN BLOG ! Being The Boss Is A Dream Come True But Also A Real Bitch

AM Facebook Fan Page Status Update:

What a lovely Sunday morning! Literally just walking ( or waddling) off a plane and heading into our beloved HCG headquarters to find garbage, rotten milkshakes and crap everywhere! I always dreamt of this glamourous life! Being on my hands and knees, 7 months pregnant scrubbing & cleaning and cursing people’s names! And because of this gift I was left with, I can’t go visit Jesus at the Mega Church today and he’s the only thing that’s gonna save me from exploding on your asses on Monday Morning!

Follow-up to this raging public service announcement- I have a phenomenal crew who I adore but we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything and I think we may need to have a demonstration on what it means to do work like a beast and not finish your day until you have crossed off every single TO DO on your check list — TWICE ” Forgetting stuff “wouldn’t cut it on Wall Street and it sure as hell won’t cut it in Candy Girl Land! Proactive people see a problem and fix it without asking permission. WORD!

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