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WE GOT MAIL! Super Fabtastic Fans From Around The Globe- The Hollywood Candy Girls are all about spr

Hey Hey Party People! We have some really cool fans on our facebook fan page and I try and respond as much as possible. I know that business’s often utilize Social Media & Facebook to market & publicize themselves or their services but I also think that many of them forget to C-O-N-N-E-C-T and their only purpose is to Sell, Sell, Sell. We totally use these outlets to market and I get it, it’s a tool however, I’m a big believer in human connections and as I’ve said before, they make this world go round. Today I took the time to thank a couple of these people and friend requested them in return. And Yes, I was totally thinking.. “please accept, I hope you like me back!” This is a sweet message I received from my newest friend, fellow mum (I’m sounding British like her 😉 and super cool fun chick who I Digg. What she doesn’t know is that her message to me, really touched me and inspired my to keep kicking candy ass and doin’ my lollipop thang’! Meet Kristy Humphrey from Liverpool, England! She’s my Honorary Candy Girl Spotlight Of The Day! Gotta run chicky babies, we’ve got a big fancy party tonight and we’ve got to pack up & GO!

XoXo- Candy Girl

Kristy Humphrey January 8 at 10:12am Report

Thank u so much for the friend request, cheesy as it may sound, but I felt so honored to see it flash up, u have been such a big inspiration for me as a mother and a true professional and gorgeous open normal (in a sweet way) chick, I know 2011 will be a super fab year for u and your crew, sending you tons of gooey candy dreams and sparkle dust xx

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