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We Heart Kailyn! She is a Candy Girl & CEO And She Can’t Even Drive Yet!!!

I stumbled upon this video after seeing an episode of this great show I support called Biz Kids. They also have a website called Kailyn reminds me a lot of well.. Me. When I was little I dreamt of creating & running my very own business that would be something unique and cool and fabulously fun. I’ll also admit that when I was 13 years old one of my best friends Heather and I thought we had developed something amazing when we started writing a business plan for our newest venture, a restaurant called” 101 ways to eat chicken” Sadly, this business venture never quite came to fruition due to the fact that we ran out of ways to make chicken and we could only come up with 20 or so. The point is, we tried and today we both work hard, we have lots to be proud of and plenty to be thankful for. I love seeing how savvy the next generation of kids are! You GO Kailyn, and you rock that candy biz!

XoXo- Candy Girl

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