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We often brag about how Sweet, Super Fun & Super Cool Our Clients Are… Well, Consider thi

Cindy was a very cool & super fun mom that we recently met through our fabulous & off the charts gorgeous friend and sales & catering manager Ms. Danielle Cozza at the Hyatt, Westlake Village Plaza. We chatted with Cindy several months ago and I’d say, we connected within the first minute of our convo. Cindy new that she wanted to celebrate her beautiful daughter Juliana’s Bat Mitzvah in true girly, glam fashion. It was my fava, fave, a totally sparkly & pinkalicious paradise. We created a fantastic 15 ft dessert bar and candy heaven that included a custom made rock candy crystal tree that was blinged out and became a beautiful centerpiece. Our most favorite girlfriend, Kelle Cake Pops created her signature candy cake pops & mini glam bite cupcakes with custom made chocolate ballerina dancer molds that she hand painted with edible glitter & sparkle. Cindy made the most fabulous custom cupcake stand with hot pink feathers, gems and crystals and lots of photos of Juliana when she a little itty bitty girl, so cute! Juliana’s party theme was Dance. She is a dancer and a fantastic one at that. She and her friends choreographed an awesome routine that they performed for all her guests. When we saw everyone’s reaction at the candy & dessert bar reveal, Kelle Cake Pops and I totally high fived it, hugged it out and new we had made our clients candy dreams come true! We were so proud and looked at each other and said ” We’re such dorks right now, I think I’m gonna cry!”

You must read the most lovely email that Cindy sent me. I always feel so special when I receive feedback like this. Like many people, I work really, really, really, really hard and I feel so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and am so excited for the success of this crazy candy biz. I take so much pride in who I have become as a woman in business and can’t believe what I have created with the help of my wonderful candy girls and team. I just think that knowing you did a great job and hearing it from your clients, never gets old. I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF! I swear I am a 10 year old still and I constantly need to be validated and affirmed for good work. I’m like a puppy who waits for a treat but once I get it, I want more and more. I just love good stuff and this email below is really good stuff. Thank you to the lovely Medof family and Juliana… MAZEL TOV YOU GORGEOUS LIL’ MOMMA!!!

Jackie the Candy Goddess, August 28, 2010

My guests can’t stop talking about our beautiful pink-a-licious candy bar you created for Juliana’s Bat Mitzvah. Words cannot explain what I was thinking when I saw the crystal sugar tree in keeping with the glam/glitz theme. It was my favorite and so original. I can’t get over how the adults were just as excited as the kids to have some candy. You were so right about that! It was as if they were pulled in and turned into a kid again. I saw guests rushing to the table and thought it was crazy like they never saw candy before. You definitely exceeded all of my expectations and it’s obvious to see how much you enjoy what you do. You kept me smiling and calm with your charm and humor, and were so helpful always offering to assist with vendors like Kelle and Dov who were such a pleasure to work with. Your nonstop suggestions with decor and photo samplings helped me get a visual of what you do since this was my first candy bar. And you had a baby in the middle of all that. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about all you did.You are the sweetest most amazing girl in town!

We love you and thank you for everything,

Cindy, Gary, Josh, and Juliana Medof

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