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We’ve Got Mail! DANA CHAMPION! You’re so sweet, creative & thoughtful and clearly a

This is super duper cute & totally Hollywood Candy Girl-ish!

Hi- Ya Party People,

As you may know, we get a Ton-O- emails from clients, friends, fans and even the occasional spies & stalkerazzi who pretend to be “normal” humans and not aliens but we’ve got a creepy sixth sense about this stuff and we always figure it out! Anyhow, we received a very thoughtful email regarding some creative products that one of our candy fans thought we may like.. she’s right! We like it! Actually NO! Cheer this out! We Like It, We Love It, Gimmee More Of It! Looking forward to seeing this stuff in person. Best of Luck to you Dana and good for you having sent us that email. You see, behind all the “Oh No She Didn’t’s” and sassy stuff, we’re actually kinda corny, sensitive, softies who like helping others shine a little more than they already do! Your sparkly, I can tell. And… Please thank that husband of yours for protecting us and serving our country so bravely! What a HERO!

XoXo- Candy Girl And PS- Dana, You’re right! We are SO busy doing “Big Things” but doing a ” Big Thing” for another person sometimes is truly more meaningful than any of those ” Big Things” that we’re busy doing. Pay it forward baby.. Karma, Karma, Karma- It’s real and it’s a Beautiful thing!

From: BsbwXXXXXX

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 19:44:32 -0400



Hi Ladies, I’m a military spouse and the owner of a Etsy store and also a huge fan and follower of you guys on Facebook. Your work is gorgeous and you take such pride in all your projects, I am writing because I make a couple of candy items that I think you guys would love and I would be honored if you decided to use them in potential client’s candy bars. I make a edible wedding gown lollipop that I call “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and a “Snuggle Baby” lollipop that is a baby shower favor. I would love to send you a sample of each of them and get your feedback on them, in fact it would be an honor if that’s not a problem with you. I don’t want to cross the line or step on any toes. I’m new to this whole thing and would love to work with a company as dedicated as you all are. I am attaching a picture of each item and I hope to hear from you guess soon. Thank you in advance for even taking the time to read this I know you’re very busy doing big things.


Dana Champion

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