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We’ve Got Mail! Human Connections Make This World Go Round! We have the most amazing Fans, Fri

Hey Party People! Today I received this awesome email from one of our Facebook/ Blog Followers. I so appreciate and try to read every single email we receive. Eventually I do get around to all of them. I think that Human connections are so important and although it’s easy for people to live their lives isolating themselves, hiding behind their computers or social networks, we sometimes forget how important it is to connect with people on a deeper and more meaningful level. Often times, the kindest words of praise and inspiration come from people who I have never even met. I appreciate YOU Jaime for taking the time to share this with me. You made me smile, you made me feel proud and you offered me friendship & support. With all my heart, thank you. I’m praying for your dad too. Big Massive Hugs! XoXo- Candy Girl STAY STRONG JACKIE First off, I have to tell you how amazing you are and what an awesome business you have created. I have been following you on facebook for about a month or so and love looking at pictures of ur amazing parties and appreciate how real you are on ur blog. The world needs more real people like you. I can see how people would want to copy you. UR THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO. Keep ur head high girl. Don’t let the stupid people get you down and don’t forget how amazing you really are. I was going to email you a little while back when you first posted about ur dads health but just couldn’t find the rights words to say. I am so sorry for what you and ur family are going through right now and will keep your dad and ur family in my prayers. My father was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer this year and we have been on one hell of a roller coaster ride ever since. I know that you don’t know me, but if there is anything that you need, wanna break, scream at or just vent to I am a good listener. Jamie N.

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