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What does it mean to Live La Vida Candy? Let Me Explain…

We Live La Vida Candy and what that means is every single chance we get to taste, touch, buy, smell, sample, create or do something with C-A-N-DY! We do it. We live it, We Love it, We Own it! And so does our little Jelly Belly, Isabella, The Heiress To The Candy Empire. Since her birth nearly 4 1/2 months ago this child has already visited over a dozen candy stores, candy factories and candy warehouses. This kids got a VIP Golden ticket, all access granted pass to some of the worlds most amazing folks in the candy industry! Such a lucky little munchkin and she’s all mine!!! Buah-ah-ah-ah! Today she visited the candy store at the Grove in Hollywood and she lalaLOVED it!

xoxo- Candy Girl +1

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