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YAY! New Super Fun Project I’ve Been Working On To Premiere On The FOOD NETWORK! Name & D

Excited to be back from the FROZEN state of NYC where I had SO much crazy fun working on a new Food Network project with some pretty adorable people! I mean, Joey Fatone is wayyyyy too adorable for his own good & an awesome, energetic talent and one of my TV Gods from childhood, Mr. Marc Summers.. YES! Of Double Dare, Family Double Dare, Unwrapped, Restaurant Impossible and on and on.. I played it cool until Marc & I were seated together and I just blurted out. ” I know I should act “cool” while we work but.. I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU MAN!!!” Then I went on to tell him what a weird kid I was who turned into a weird teenager obsessed with TV & talk showsand how the only 2 people in TV I ever wanted to meet were my mama, OPRAH & HIM! I told him how obsessed I was with the fact that he made feel good & FUN TV! Everything he created always left viewers feeling good, happy, smarter.. I think I needed that often when I was a kid because when you grow up a Latchkey kid, you search for things or people who make you feel safe, happy & comforted. At least I did & TV did that for me..

Anyways.. Another cool experience & some more cool new friends I’ve made along the way.

Whatever it is you wanna do with yourself, your life, your story.. DO IT!

You’ll see it when YOU believe it & not the other way around.. That whole thing about ” I’ll believe it when I see it” has always been a little backwards, I mean, helloooo didn’t anyone ever read





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